ScanZen Eko Powered with Neat

The Neat Cloud Ecosystem is designed to simplify how you work.  Neat’s proprietary software helps small businesses easily manage receipts, track expenses, and run more efficiently, which is why we feel Neat is a perfect partner for our ScanZen customers.

Using the ScanZen Eko Powered with Neat, you can:

Get Organized:
Organize all of your files, securely back-up all items, and easily keyword search any documents sent into Neat’s cloud ecosystem

Transform Your Information:
Extract key data from documents to transform the words and numbers into useful, usable data and integrate it with popular personal and business software.

Manage Expenses and Spending:
Track, manage, and report on business and personal expenses and spending though simple to create reports.

Keep Your Data Secure:
Neat uses bank-level encryption technology to ensure that your data always remains private, safe and securely backed up.

Already own a ScanZen Eko scanner?  Purchase Neat software here