Frequently Asked Questions

ScanZen is by Fujitsu, a manufacturer of environmentally-conscious, easy-to-use document scanners. We believe scanning documents shouldn't be a chore. Our customers are busy professionals who just need to digitize and organize their documents so they can move on to other tasks. Our scanners provide an easy way to achieve Zen with an organized, paper-free office. There are 2 models of scanners available, the Eko and Eko+.


ScanZen’s Eko scanners are simple and clean looking scanners that can fit into any office setting. They feature:

  • Minimal desktop footprint – the smallest in the category
  • Clean lines – perfect for minimalists
  • Simple buttons – for quick one-press scanning
  • To see the full list of features, you can download the specifications sheet here www.scanzen.com/newusers

Both scanners are very similar. The main difference is the number of pages they can scan in a minute. Eko scans 20 pages per minute (ppm) and Eko+ scans 30 pages per minute (ppm). Based on the scanning capabilities, each one is priced different.

There are several features that differentiate ScanZen Eko scanners from the competition. These include:

  • Competitive pricing, a 2 year warranty, and free consumables*
  • Best-in-class image processing
  • Smallest footprint in its category – 20% smaller than other scanners in its class
  • Lowest power consumption in its class
  • Quick power startup – warms up faster than other scanners, reducing wait time
  • Consistent paper feeding means fewer paper jams
  • TWAIN Driver – makes it compatible with most document scanning software

*1 set of consumables per year of warranty (upon request)

It comes down to simplicity. Competitive scanners can be heavy, bulky, complicated to use, and finding friendly, helpful support can be challenging. With ScanZen Eko scanners you’ll get:

  • Simple and easy to use scanners
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Robust in-the-box software
  • Stress-free support
  • Socially responsible and eco-friendly packaging

ScanZen Eko scanners are compatible with PC computers, but not Mac.

The software that comes with the scanner includes:

  • PaperStream IP – Best-in-class image clean up tool
  • PaperStream Capture Lite – for capture, image cleanup and OCR capabilities
  • Presto! PageManager – Converts images to PDF format
  • ABBYY FineReader – The OCR tool

ScanZen Eko scanners include Presto! PageManager 9.3.

ScanZen’s licensing agreement with NewSoft is for Presto! PageManager 9.3. Updates and software patches for Presto! PageManager 9.3 are available for free on the NewSoft website. Click here for more info.

If you require and upgrade to Presto! PageManager 9.5, it is available on the NewSoft website at a cost of $69.95. Click here for more info.

No, you do not. ScanZen scanners are compatible with most other TWAIN enabled scanning software. However, we recommend you use the PaperStream IP driver to achieve the best image quality possible.

ScanZen scanners are designed for all levels of users, whether you are a beginner or an expert user of scanners. The Eko scanners and scanning software can be installed in just about 10 minutes. You won’t need an IT professional to do so. Right on the ScanZen website you will find helpful how-to videos, FAQs and user guides. Visit www.scanzen.com/newusers to register and see installation and getting started guides, then visit www.scanzen.com/learning to watch how-to videos and read FAQs.

You can purchase one of the Eko series scanners at Amazon.com. It’s a great value and includes the scanner and a 2 year warranty that includes free consumables (upon request).*

*1 set of consumables per year of warranty.

ScanZen provides stress-free support. We are more than happy to walk you through any issues you may have, from installation and software download to improving scanning efficiencies.
We provide tips & tricks that you can use to improve image quality, convert your documents to searchable PDFs, and much more! Here’s how you can reach us:

At ScanZen, we want you to be happy and satisfied with your scanner. That’s why we provide a 2 year warranty and free consumables* – both above and beyond the industry standard. If your scanner breaks, we will ship you a brand new scanner, overnight, at no charge. Please note, scanners can get scratched or damaged through repeat shipping. If you aren’t happy, we will give you a complete refund.

*1 set of consumables, available upon request, per year of warranty.