About Us

At ScanZen, we provide environmentally-conscious , easy-to-use document scanners dedicated to making the task of scanning an easy and stress-free experience.

Why scan documents?

Whether you have a small home office or you work in a larger company, paper is pervasive. Paper is prone to being lost or damaged, and documents take up a lot of space that could be used more purposefully. By digitizing your documents you will:

  • Save time - quickly find documents using a simple Windows style search instead of rummaging through piles of paper.
  • Save costs and resources - reduce the amount of paper, file cabinets, and employee resources on paper intensive tasks.
  • Reduce redundancy - Never have to recreate a lost document again, or make paper copies.
  • Declutter your mind - when your desk is clear of clutter, your mind is more relaxed, and you feel more accomplished, more proactive, and ready to take on the next task. 

Achieve Zen

A cluttered workspace not only leads to an increase in stress, but also unhealthy habits, and lower productivity as well. When you work in an organized environment you’ll enjoy better mental and physical health, and be able to focus on tasks in front of you.