Scan, share, simplify with ScanZen Eko.
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We provide environmentally-conscious, joy-driven products focused on providing our customers with an easy way to achieve Zen through an organized, paper-free office space.

Meet Joi

Let us introduce you to Joi, our eco-conscious and friendly Shiba Inu helper! Joi`s  mission is to guide you along your path to Zen with the help of ScanZen Eko scanners. 

The path to Zen starts here

ScanZen Eko scanners are designed to be easy to use, simple and stress-free!  

  Easy to install  
You won`t need IT resources to set up your ScanZen Eko scanner; you can easily do it yourself! 

  Smart, in-the-box software
ScanZen Eko scanners come with software that will help you get the clearest scanned images, organize and save them easily.

  Stress-Free support
Not a scanning expert? No problem! Our support team is happy to walk you through step-by-step processes and provide tips for better scanning.

  Socially responsible and eco-friendly
You can feel good about owning a ScanZen Eko scanner.

 Scan to:
Documents - Easily scan stacks of paper in color or black and white, by simply pressing a button.

Photo Gallery - Manage photos easily. Scan them, store them on your computer, share them or back them up to any storage location.

Email - Converting documents from paper to email is a fast and easy process that takes seconds.

Cloud - Your important documents and photos can be conveniently scanned and stored safe in the cloud.

Find your Zen

Imagine the joy you will feel when your office space is clean, organized, and clutter-free. Going paperless and digitizing your documents can turn this vision into a reality and help you achieve Zen.


Get your own ScanZen powered with Neat

A great value! ScanZen Eko series scanner comes with a 2 year warranty bundled with a 1 year Neat Premium software license.